The Mandalorian Baby Yoda/The Child Freebies Included in Every Order!

Just finished The Mandalorian and oh my goodness what an interesting show! Of course, I’m in love with The Child and was kind of bummed when the season ended at Chapter 8. I’m totally looking forward to the next season. Unfortunately, that’s not until October of this year. 🙁

However, thanks to PrettyGraphik and their lovely freebie, I was able to make myself some functional planner stickers to help me cope during the wait. 🙂

And I made way too many!

I cannot sell these because the design is for personal usage. However, for every order on my website/Etsy shop, I’ll include one of the sheets for free! It will be one random sheet of the four pictured, whatever I have in stock. I’ll be passing these out until I’ve destashed the stock of them. Hopefully, they are all gone by the end of February.


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