Vinyl die-cut stickers are coming to the shop!

I spent a small part of the day working on vinyl die-cut stickers. So far so good, but I need to work on my settings for the blade. Some of the decals did not cut properly. Once I get them cut to perfection, I’ll start listing them in my shops.


Also, I am opening a subscription box listing! 🙂 They will include monthly functional stickers that I don’t list in either of my shops along with some stickers that I do include in both of my shops. I’ll post more information once I get it setup.




One thought on “Vinyl die-cut stickers are coming to the shop!

  1. Rachel Williams says:

    Omg that’s awesome 👏🏾!! I’m so glad I found your site on Afterpay! I’ve literally been SEARCHING for stickers and I love to support my other black sisters!!! When will the subscription box be available?? , also I am going to make a purchase today and I would love to help spread the word about your business to my customers ( I’m a reseller in the process of making my own website and getting my business started) . If you’re able to include your business cards or whatever else that would help me promote your business that would be great!!

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