Quarter Boxes Planner Sticker Photoshop Template-Great For Cricut Machines

I’ve been off the map for about two weeks. One, I have been working/testing out new templates that I want to upload. Second, my 7-month-old is currently going through sleep regression and it’s utterly kicking my butt. With that said, I’m back with a new template. I was actually exhausted and sleep-deprived while making the […]

Full-Size Classic Happy Planner Sticker Template (Photoshop) For Cricut Design Space

Today I wanted to bring you a new template that I built in Photoshop to help you with creating your own weekly sticker spread. This is built for the Classic Happy Planner since that is what I was using. The design was inspired by my need to build out a weekly spread for myself and […]

Date Dots Planner Sticker Photoshop Template (Free)

I have been searching for weeks on the web and Etsy for a Date Dots template. Since I’ve opened my own planner sticker shop (functional planner sticker based), I wanted to offer my customers functional stickers. After looking and looking, I gave up and decided to make my own template. And today, I’m going to […]

Free Classic Happy Planner Sticker Kit Template (PSD)

NOTE: Please excuse the example template. At the bottom has the coffee whipped cream and steam. I was sleep-deprived while making the video and it obviously shows! 🙁 Anyhoo, today I bring to you another sticker template to use with Photoshop. This is great for Cricut Owners. If you own a cameo you can also […]

Big Happy Planner Photoshop Template

I’ve finally found the time to sit down and actually re-brand my YouTube channel. Let me tell you, it was FAR from easy. In the midst of recording, my 6.5 month-year-old is teething along with having multiple meltdowns, and my 5 year old wanted me to stop every few minutes because she hated the fact […]